I am optimistic...


about this year. The looming hope in the horizon across the nation and the world has me looking ahead and moving towards new and exciting changes for Honeyshot Photography this year. Of course, still taking every precaution and providing the safest environment is Paramount in these times, professional photography needs can still be fulfilled with the utmost care and safety.

Dedicating my business to beautiful portraits of you and your loved ones is going to take priority. Giving up weddings, well, that's another matter since I absolutely adore documenting one the most happiest days in a couple's lives. Looking back, however, what has helped me thrive is exactly where my clients are the happiest; one on one portrait sessions in the studio or on location. As I build my team of hair and makeup artists to assist me in creating the best portrait experience ever, there will also be some wonderful changes on the website, with a clear focus on just that-Beautiful Portraits of your families in Generations shoots, your love in couples sessions and most importantly, YOU, in... well, anything you want!

Think of this as a re-introduction. I'm Kay, and I cant wait to take the best photograph of you, emphasizing your GLAM side with an editorial flair. In other words, you'll look like you belong in a magazine! Stay tuned for updates, studio tour, and videos

Ready? 😉