Legs. Legs for days. She walks in strides, even at 5'4". Her heels click and clack as she makes her way for a hug. She is feeling apprehensive. Doubtful. I see her worried look and ask her "Whats up, babe?!" My makeup artist is sipping her medium Dunkin and looking around the studio. She plops down her bag of goodies and blurts out "I'm so nervous!" and we both giggle. Particularly, I think, because the last time I shot her was 2014; three years prior. So many life changes and body changes have taken place since then. I don't let her get tripped up. I still see this beautiful, vivacious, accomplished woman in front of me. She has since gotten her MakeUp Artist license. She participated as a Professional MUA in the last five Fall Fashion Weeks. I'm puzzled as I reassure her. She is gooorgeous, she is ready and she has done this before. She tells me she wants to do a good job for me....can you believe her?! She doesnt even have to TRY! Lol We take her "before" shot, which, to be fair, NO ONE LIKES to do. She tells me all about her outfits and we sift through and find some beautiful options for her Glamour shoot. Happy Viewing!