I will never forget the day I met Shane. I was at a local exhibition and was introduced to her by a mutual friend, but I definitely noticed her beforehand. Her light shown from yards away and her honest smile was the draw. We exchanged Instas, all the while I am already planning our shoot even before asking. Fkn #girlcrush to the MAX, okayyyy! Lol

We met for lunch and, right from the start, it wasn't an ordinary Presession consult. The ideas flowed and the passion for our ideas was palpable. Let me just say that a collaboration like this has always been a goal of mine; to work with a fellow artist who is open to explore all the creative possibilities. Lunch turned into wine and dessert and I learned so many things, about myself and more importantly about my new Muse, who buzzes with this intense positive energy. What I didn't know is that Shane has trained herself for this wonderful openness and acceptance of herself and that she also is training and working with people, helping them achieve the same. She went from Pre-school teacher to Behaviorist, working with special needs children. Utilizing her background, education and life experiences led her to the path of wanting to help people achieve their full potential. Once she graduated the School of Womanly Arts, she made it her mission to share her skills and knowledge with those seeking encouragement and utter support by way of dance sessions, retreats and one-on-one mentoring though her business, Enchanted Embodiment. What started as a chat about the shoot turned into a deep discussion of self-empowerment, self-awareness, acceptance, of being a woman, owning everything about ourselves-good and bad and all the nitty-gritty inbetweens. Loving ourselves. Sharing that love with others; the heart and soul of my business is the heart and soul of hers and I was just floored by the end of our meet. The Enchantress is a Life Coach. She is also a Burlesque Dance Instructor. She is also a writer. She is also an artist in her own right. She is a sister and a friend. She is beautiful inside out. She is very much an Enchantress...Please visit her website and explore all the wonderful information and coaching she has to offer. Just sitting and chatting with her made me feel content, real, satisfied, and damn happy to be a woman! She embodies her message and it seeps from her pores!! Yes, its real.... 

click here --> Enchanted Embodiment

The day of the shoot is here and I am still reeling from our hand waving, laughter filled powwow.  My daughter (Professional Hair and Makeup Artist) lent me her talent for the day and the wheels were in motion. Shane arrived right on time and brought in her bag of goodies; long, silky slips, jewelry, furs, crowns....all a girl can ask for squeezed in a standard size tote, like the trick where the magician pulls out an elephant from a his top hat! She sat for hair and makeup as I played with all the frilly goods, pretending to organize and arrange. I zinged with excitement when I saw that bronze crown. After filming some behind the scenes, we went right to work, starting with a fur vest, for some casual headshots to warm up. The sun was teasing in and out, but the light in the room was perfect. She beamed even while I knew that posey posey was not her thing. We changed looks and that's when the actual magic began, incorporating mirrors, pearls, and ....well.....just letting go!! And as she moved and swayed and danced and we even shot a moving portrait. I wondered if my camera could actually capture all this soul! The dreamy effect of tulle in front of the lens was exactly fitting for this session, which went as planned in a very natural flow that is setting a new precedent for my future collaborations. It took me some time to go through the images. The range of poses, the freedom, the creative liberties we took in tandem...this suddenly became the hardest shoot I ever culled, ever!! I could not pick a favorite cuz they are all my favorite. Shane allowed me to explore creatively with her and for that, I will always cherish this session.... suffice it say, I was enchanted!  Happy Viewing!