Come in and settle down for hair and makeup. You are well rested so you are feeling good and that sip of your favorite morning beverage is hitting all the right notes. You wonder which outfit to put on first, posing and how exciting and nerveracking this whole experience is, but you did; you are here, you are ready and the time is now! Lipstick is on, confidence level is in check and you are smiling...shall we begin?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I get a lot of questions about Boudoir shoots and what it entails, so I wanted to share some insight on the blog for any of you curious souls who fear the unknown. I bet you have seen some Boudoir images and have secretly imagined yourself wearing that sleek teddy, or gorgeous silk robe, feeling beautiful after hair and makeup and wanting to surprise your loved one with some stunning portraits of you loving yourself and letting go. Sure, you will be shy at first, but we have all been there, right? Looking in the mirror, applying our favorite shade, and then we pout and blow kisses at our reflection cuz we are just so dang cute! No? Is that just me? Ha....didnt think so.

Men, don't think for a second that this shoot is only for women; can you say "Dudoir"?! Would you be surprised if I told you that even couples have booked? How sexy and loving it is to come in with your babe and document the love you share...Sears don't do that but I DO! The true gift is then having your amazing images printed in a timeless leather bound album, wrapped in a big red bow, then seeing your honeys eyes light up after every flip of the page! Woooo chile' <fanning myself> you are one hot tamale, aren't cha!

Never racy and always keeping it classy, and confidential. Now, I dare you say "I'm readyyyyyy" Let's DO THIS!

*Images are only shared with permission. Copyright © 2020 K. Hernandez | Honeyshot Photography