When you think

...about that Chaka Khan song, the epitome of romance from the guitar to the lyrics, you can only hope to find something so deep with the love of your life. On our Pre-session date, I met with one half of Steph and Ozzy. She doesn't know this but I can feel her excitement for the coming shoot. My jaw dropped when I heard that when they married, they only have 7 polaroids from that fateful day. Steph was not sad about this. In fact, to me it seemed as if they were focused more on starting their life together in a rush of love and devotion. I was asking her about the favorite things about her partner and husband and her smile said it all....not until I met Ozzy did it all come together, though.

I witnessed the "why"first-hand. The pair was just a perfect match of understanding and synchronization. They meld and move and communicate in such a way that felt like second nature, so comfortable with one another, so....easy together. This made for an enormously fun shoot, going from daytime to nighttime glam seamlessly. The fifteen year anniversary was much to celebrate! They compliment each other effortlessly, which made for an amazing experience, my ultimate dream Couples shoot. Capturing their love and their relationship was something to behold....see for yourself, how HOT are these two?!!!