New year, new attitude.....

Ok beauties, now that THAT year-will-we-not-mention is finally over, we can start fresh from Day 1. Another go around the sun means another chance to make the best of this wonderful gift of more time to do the things we love, do the things we have always wanted to do and check off our list of #2021GOALS! For me, it's adding more sneak peeks and helpful content for you, more BTS videos, more amazing PORTRAITS 📸.

Time to plan your look and book your shoot!

Whether its with your S.O. or just yourself, capturing beautiful images for Valentines Day can be the perfect gift to share and adore, together. Dig in that special drawer, you know the one, with all the scented sachets and lacy things, gather your favorite slinky slinks, or gorgeous gowns, ladies, and tell your honey that you want to capture your love this Valentines Day 2021! I know I will.... :-P

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