How have I been dealing with the current events? Weeellll, a little bit of denial, a whole lot of paranoia, hoarding the few face masks I can get my hands on, and all the faith my soul can muster. Being a New Yorker to me means just that; finding a way to deal with the issues at hand. We wipe a tear and smile and keep walking. NEW YORK STRONG as the Gov said.

Witnessing the news, variety shows and even concerts taking place globally online is too fascinating to me and blocks the fear. We are survivors and we are fighting this pandemic with everything we got, TOGETHER, but apart. I also was out of work for some time, and with nothing but time in my hands I had to think of ways to keep from sulking in a corner. Hours online, listening, laughing my butt off, and even dancing to the musicians who share their gift with the universal language of song inspired me to finally get up and join the bandwagon the best way I know how. With Easter pending during a historic quarantine, I thought about the ways I can help contribute something, anything, to my neighbors. I woke up the Saturday before in a haste, my heart was beating; draft after draft of what I am going to say, how i am going to present what I had to offer to my friends and neighbors, will they accept such an offer in a time like this? Thoughts raced...for, like, 3 hours. FInally, I click "POST".

Seven wonderful families reached out and signed up for the Front Door Easter Family Portrait. I could not be more elated. Their graciousness warmed my heart and their smiles made my day! Two families done and I lost my car keys that day, down a sewer drain while i was getting ready to head out to another family. All I can think about was "how am I going to get to my families?!" I had a mini-fit, all while poking around helplessly in the murky water for a sign. Nothing. Sat in my car, wiped my face and was happy I chose waterproof mascara. LOL I took a deep breath (which nowadays...a blessing) and called upon a great friend, who scooped me up and the rest is history. Literally! Ha

Here are my gorgeous families, who just...ugh, made me so proud and grateful for their gift to me....

Happy Viewing!