No matter where you are sitting, what you are doing, who you are with, you can be transported just by merely holding a photograph.

Watching Nomadland, the main character, Fern, is in her van, where she lives. Somehow, she is displaced (maybe by choice, it seems) and drives around in her home, surviving by working odd jobs cross country. She is struggling yet persevering. She finds the gold in some little moments; a shimmering of light on the water on the road, a moose crossing, or finding the toilet paper at the precise moment...she makes the best of her time by not dwelling on what she doesn't have. In the quiet of night, she opens a tin box filled with photographs and smiles.

For me, that moment....its just like when you press play on your favorite song. Memories and warmth flood my being like a swill of whiskey and somehow I feel the heat swim through my veins. Those goosebumps you feel when the Bee Gees harmonize their way through your soul. I cannot even count how many times I have opened my box of photographs, sometimes I even take a whiff. History, family, laughter, movement, evolution, so so much love lives in a photograph. Photos that will outlive you but will forever tell your story.

You can hold forever in a 4x6.