An aspiring model, Marcus is as humble as apple pie! We chat a little about outfit options he brought to our shoot, and smiles while he politely answers. But the moment the camera is perched, he quickly sets into his pose with the ease and the professionalism of a pure veteran. He goes from cracking up to smoldering in 0.2 seconds.

I ask him, "You've done this before?!" He giggles and looks down, almost too shy to answer. It lights up the room, his effervescence and modesty. He is open and willing to allow for some styling choices we make together. We get in three looks that expresses his natural appeal and sharp good looks, specifically, those chisled cheekbones (a photographers dream). Soon we will see him gracing the cover of Men's magazines. How exciting to capture the gentle soul of this future New York catwalker....Happy Viewing!!!