Christian is soft spoken. In all his tall, brawny masculinity, he walks into Starbucks smiling. It immediately draws you in and you feel the warmth behind the smile as we chat about his friends, his mom and brothers and his new found passion for acting.  He's magnetic as he is handsome, secondary only to his natural charm.  He has decided to go for it and thus, his journey begins. He's done it all, lending his skills to everything from Bartending to Personal Training.  The acting bug bit him and he's not looking back.  I can see why he is getting recurring call backs.  New headshots are imminent. He calls on Honeyshot to deliver. And that, we did....


Shoot day and we start right off, with the drama of shadows and shaping light, making for some serious variety in combination of looks and poses. Then, we loosen up a bit for more relaxed, candid moments that signs off the day on a sweet and swaggy note.  

Sneak peak anyone?!