In a time when the entire world is in a frenzy, streets and store shelves are empty and everyone looking like they work in healthcare with their masks and gloves, there are those little things-little rays of hope- that helps get through these tough times.

These little BIG things are the ones that I count on every day for inspiration to continue feeding myself with hope and faith that brighter days are ahead.

While I am in self-isolation, I am lucky enough to have my work as a Photographer fulfill my need to create. As I work on a recent MATERNITY shoot, which I can not wait to share, I also get word of having scored a BRONZE Image Award towards Accreditation from The Portrait Masters . A step closer to becoming Accredited myself, which is big news. No, HUGE news to me. I entered an image from one of the very few shoots last year. Just one. I went with a HONEYSHOT of the shoot, although there was more than just one, which made it even harder choose. It paid off and I am more than stoked about it!

Here's to better days ahead and to your health and safety until then....