The timing could not be better. Samantha booked her session months ago. We never imagined that it just so happened to fall right before the New York shut down. As an essential worker, she had to make the most difficult decision to protect her baby and take her leave of absence early, something that healthcare workers find hard to do. She and Felix are going to be first time parents and at 8 months along, there was definitely no time to lose. They have spent the last few months planning their wedding and baby shower while packing and moving into a bigger place for their baby boy thats due to arrive very very soon.

They arrive with bags in tow and her Momma is my Hair and Makeup team today, taking special care of her baby's skin, making sure not one hair is out of place. Finally, we are ready. Instead of staying home and going right to sleep after a graveyard shift, Felix popped a bottle to celebrate capturing the beginning of their new family. It was beautiful to witness young love, those little moments of secret whispers, belly kisses, and private jokes between shots. Samantha had moved with ease. After two hours, she was still willing to continue for just one more shot, and another, and another...I was impressed with her grace and energy carrying that precious bundle around, pose after pose. She absolutely SLAYED her shoot!

Heres a peek