Hey, (smile) I just have to say, you look great today, wow! Girl you are shining!

Here I am, walking into the local lunch spot, on my break from a long morning, feeling all kinds of insecurities from something that went wrong at work. Feeling a bit down, and still trying to figure things out in my head, I was definitely distracted, to say the least. She must have noticed the smoke coming from my ears, and all of a sudden, while I am bee-lining to the register, I hear that compliment thrown right at me from outta nowhere. I beamed a smile at her and thanked her and I almost went to hug her....thats how thirsty I was for some positivity, and she handed me a full glass! In a city of 8.16 million people, that little tiny bit of love from a stranger made me bounce back to work ready to take sh*t on!

Especially because it usually is me that makes the bold move of telling someone how much I love their boots, or bag, or whatever. Is it just me or do you find something beautiful about people you see around you?! And you know, even on a bad day (which is every morning before coffee) if I am paying attention, I find little nooks, almost like a challenge or a little game I play (that I didn't notice I do until know that I write this) Lol. Little nooks of beauty in people, like a crows feet when someone smiles big. Uhhhggg I love some defined crows feet. Deep lines to me mean a genuine smile. Maybe someone's smooth hands, or flawless skin that glows, or a perfect flip of hair...."Dude why aren't you in a shampoo commercial?!". Those wonderful organic pieces that makes us who we are and I just seem to catch it all, like a stalker, and it truly puts a smile on my face, so I'll pick something completely superficial like a great put together outfit, a unique pair of earrings and run with it "hey that color looks so great on you, or damn girl where'd you get those great boots ....". Giggles. Maybe even a high five.  


What's the best compliment you've ever gotten?